We value our clients and therefore work closely with them to achieve a successful outcome. Fusion Homes are a close knit team of professionals, so you are assured that you will have the best and informed service when undertaking your new build. Our clients happily endorse our work.

Insurance rebuild in Southshore
Insurance rebuild in Southshore, Christchurch

Hi, this is a letter of recommendation in regard to the building of our new home by Fusion Homes. This was a project that became very delayed by the original project manager appointed by our insurance company but was always supported by Fusion as a job that they wished to proceed with no matter what hindrance was placed in our path. At no time did Fusion consider that our interests in this project were not paramount.(Unlike other builders who appeared to be more interested in future work prospects with the insurance co.)

Once the build commenced the staff who were assigned to the job went about erecting the fusion style building in a very fast and professional manner taking great care to ensure that every detail was correct and completed in a workman like manner.

One of the very important points that must also be said about this project is that once started there were staff on this job every day, always at least two builders and sometimes six or more tradesmen on the job. This is an aspect that merits serious consideration as houses around this area have taken almost a year to complete.

We are very happy with the completed house and would not hesitate to use Fusion Homes for any future building project.

Home rebuild in Heathcote Valley Christchurch
Rebuild in Heathcote Valley, Christchurch

Our home in Heathcote Valley was built by Fusion Homes, and the design, project management, time period of construction met all of our expectations.

We would happily recommend Fusion Homes Ltd to any one undertaking a rebuild.

New home build in Mt Pleasant Christchurch
New build based on one of our standard plans, Mt Pleasant, Christchurch

We are very impressed with Fusion Homes. Their personal touch throughout our build project made all of the difference. Our needs were considered all of the way through, we were asked and consulted, right down to the smallest detail. What we particularly liked was the fact that we did not have to chase the project manager to make contact with us, as he was consistently in touch with us, and the team assisted us in making the right choices with our best interests in mind.

The builders on site were polite, and great to have there, and the quality of our home is outstanding.

We are so pleased that we chose Fusion Homes; those who have viewed it are very complimentary. We are constantly recommending them to people who have viewed our home.

Architecturally designed home in Diamond Harbour
Architecturally designed home in Diamond Harbour

After reading about Fusion Homes in the Press I decided to request a meeting and see if they would become the company to build my new home. I had the plans and section but no builder. Some of the plans had to be altered slightly to allow for the Metra panel method of building.

From the beginning, I found all those I worked with in the Fusion team thorough, prompt and most importantly, helpful. Regular meetings made sure I knew exactly what was happening and when.

I have been in my house for a little over a year and it performs so well. We have just come through a very hot summer and the temperature in my house at all times was perfectly comfortable. This is because of the outstanding insulation.

Build with Fusion and you will have no regrets.

Chch City Council build of Maurice Carter Courts units
Christchurch City Council build of units at Maurice Carter Courts, Christchurch

We have been most impressed with the way in which Fusion have undertaken the work at Maurice Carter Courts, especially the care and dedication to our social housing tenants, some of the most vulnerable people in Christchurch. We felt the opening yesterday went very well and have already received a huge amount of positive feedback from those that attended, our new tenants and our Mayor and Councillors.