Why Us


Homestar is an independent tool that rates the sustainability and performance of New Zealand homes. It has been developed for New Zealand’s specific conditions based on successful international tools and the latest scientific information, which is constantly updated.

Homestar rating from 1-10 offers clear communication to the marketplace, endorsing good levels of sustainable design in an easily-accessible format. Public awareness of the tool is increasing, and we believe it will become a key decision-making factor for most home buyers.

Fusion Homes are raising the standards. We set our target at 7 and 8. We believe this is a good balance between a high performance home build and value for money.

Superhome Movement: Energy Efficient Homes

The SuperHome Movement is only 2 years old but Fusion Homes have been thinking and building like this for over 10 years!

We subscribe to and promote the Superhome Movement. Their aims are to raise the building standards so that all new homes are healthier and more energy efficient, while also promoting environmental, economic, and socially sustainable practices.

At Fusion Homes our building designers are experienced in designing for health, comfort, resilience, and energy efficiency.

We do both, smart design and build smarter.

Multiple Award Winners

Fusion Homes are proud to have been Awarded the Sustainable Home Award 2017, Master Builders House Of The Year Canterbury Region.

We were also awarded Silver for the Builder’s Own Home Award and Bronze in the New Home $550,000 to $700,000 category.


Fusion Homes is associated with several industry bodies, to give our clients peace of mind to help make informed decisions about the competence of of our builders and managers.

Registered Master BuildersMaster Builders,
The New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) ,