Why Us

10 good reasons to choose Fusion Homes

1- Builders you can TRUST

We know that trust is something that must be earned. For 10 years, we’ve been making clients happy by delivering on promises and building houses on time and to budget. That’s why most of our business is referrals and repeat customers.

2- Smart building for better VALUE

We keep our pricing competitive. One way we do this is by reducing waste. We understand materials and measurements to make sure you don’t pay for wastage.

3- We stick to promised TIMING

At Fusion Homes, a promise is a promise. If we say we’re going to do something at a certain time, we deliver.

4- Stay on BUDGET

We work with you to set the budget upfront. Our building experience

5- Builders with CREDIBILITY

We are registered by the country’s largest building associations, including Licensed Building Practitioners, Registered Master Builders and the New Zealand Green Building Council.

6- Build with QUALITY

We choose the best materials and build with integrity and craftsmanship so that your home is the highest quality.

7- Create a LEGACY 

We’re here to help you build a home that you’ll be proud of and that will last for generations.


We pride ourselves on good communication so that you are always in the loop. Our systems and processes make this easy.

9- Keep it LOCAL

Fusion Homes has been around for 10 years, but together our team has many more 30 years experience in the industry. We’re your local builders.

10- Lower the impact on the ENVIRONMENT

In an industry with an average of 40% wastage, we’re proud that we’ve been able to use smart building to keep our wastage down to 1%. Use ethically sourced, natural materials that are environmentally certified and avoid red-listed and toxic materials.