What is Homestar?

Homestar is an independent tool that rates the sustainability and performance of New Zealand homes. It has been developed for New Zealand’s specific conditions based on successful international tools and the latest scientific information, which is constantly updated.

A Homestar rating offers clear communication to the marketplace, endorsing good levels of sustainable design in an easily-accessible format. Public awareness of the tool is increasing, and we believe it will become a key decision-making factor for most home buyers.

A Homestar rating is a score out of 10, where 1 is significantly below par and 10 is current international best practice.

Did you know the New Zealand Building code threshold has a Homestar rating of 3?

Homestar standards

Fusion Homes are raising the standards. We set our target at 7 and 8.
We believe this is a good balance between a high performance home build and value for money.

How we can help you

      • Fusion Homes is your confirmation you have an architect, designer & builder which can design and build your home to a 6 Homestar rating or higher. You can check nzgbc.org.nz/homestar/directory for our name.
      • Engage a Homestar Assessor. We can quickly help you find a Homestar Assessor. Fees apply to complete the assessment and will be advised by the Homestar Assessor.
      • Your Homestar Assessor will supply your full and final building plans to the New Zealand Green Building Council.
      • If approved, the New Zealand Green Building Council will send you a Homestar Design rating confirmation letter.

types of assessment

design review (for new builds only) – a check to confirm the design is on track to achieve the desired credits. As a star rating cannot be confirmed until the design and specification is finalised, the project will receive “homestar appraised” certification if it achieves 6 or higher.

design rating (for new builds only) – fully assesses the design and specification, meaning the location and orientation must be finalised. The project is awarded a star rating which must be converted to a “built” rating upon practical completion, as a design rating expires after two years.

built rating (mandatory for homestar certification) – assesses the completed dwelling in situ. This requires a physical inspection, and can be a stand-alone assessment or a verification of the design rating.


buying, building or renovating?

Check out what ANZ are offering. With an ANZ Healthy Home Loan Package, you’ll find buying, building or renovating a home to 6 Homestar or higher a little more affordable, with special discounts on home loan interest rates and other great benefits. Download their brochure here >


Helpful Links

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