Residential rebuild on TC3 land
October 31, 2016
Kitchen Design
October 31, 2016
Our client is an experienced structural engineer and was looking for a building company that would work in with him, in the foundation design and structural requirements of a fully engineered home

The client was also seeking the supply of a construction product that was sure to perform post Christchurch earthquakes\ and in any future events.

Fusion Homes loves providing solutions, and we happily set to work on this family’s project. A large TC3 site in St Albans was selected, and Fusion Homes Ltd designers set about providing a bulk and location concept plan for 3 of our smaller house designs on the one site.

Our popular Manuka desigs was selected for two of the homes, and the Smarter small Hawea design was adapted to suit the needs for a family home.

Once happy with the layout, working drawings were completed, and the client selected specifications of their choice. The chosen heating source is radiant heating This heat is maintained within the homes by way premium polyurethane foam insulationNZ Foam Ltd. The spacious entranceway boasts a stylish red door and windows and doubles as a second living area. A skylight in the ceiling provides exceptional natural light to this area. The floor is polished plywood. This house is constructed by the Metrapanel method. The exterior cladding and roof is coloursteel.

The home has many built in features, constructed from the Metrapanel cut outs form the windows. Items such a shelving, student desk and children’s beds.

A fabulous kitchen has a detachable buffet which adds to the bench space. A smart scullery is hidden in behind.

A painted finish throughout, with a sophisticated choice of colours adds character.

Between the two wings of the design is a large and private deck area for relaxing and entertaining

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