Excavation in Christchurch NZ
July 24, 2016
Residential rebuild on TC3 land
October 31, 2016
Hill Design and Build in Christchurch Our clients found a spectacular Huntsbury Hill site in Christchurch, we worked with them to find a house plan that would fit the site, provide fantastic views, and capture all day sun.

Overall this home is spectacular in its simplicity, and the amount of space is impressive.

The client was not after a large footprint, they wanted a stylish and functional home that would be built to last.. They liked the layout of our Kiwi floor plan, and we set about making some changes to this to accommodate their needs and fit the site.. Being a hill site naturally presented some challenges for our engineers and designers particularly because this was a post-quake build As you can see, the home is set on top of timber SED driven piles which are secured in concrete filled augured holes. Structural engineering required significant bracing to be put in place. The height of the piles or poles, means there is significant space underneath the home, so Fusion Homes suggested that the Hot Water Cylinder be suspended underneath, allowing for more storage space inside the home. The fully insulated cylinder is set upon a concrete pad, and is braced in place with metal straps. Another challenge that was presented to us was recession plane. We place utmost care with this, as it is such an important aspect in the design. In this instance the design of the mono-pitch roof was altered to accommodate the recession plane requirements We want to ensure that a client gets the most value for money when building with Fusion Homes and we recognised the fact that off street parking on a hill site, is significant for adding value to a property and of course for convenience.

The home is wired to add Solar at a later date, it has a full HRV and heat transfer system throughout, LED lighting and it is insulated with premium grade NZ Foam Home Insulation, which wraps the home in a thermal blanket ,maintaining temperature for much longer than conventional methods of insulation. The chosen heat source is an energy efficient pellet burner, over which we have placed a vent from the HRV so that the heat is easily transferred to the other rooms during the winter months. Open plan living with a higher raked ceiling in the main living and kitchen areas, with the additional higher windows allows extra light throughout the day, and gives the home a great relaxed atmosphere.

This home features a stunning large timber deck out the front for entertaining guests, with access through bi-fold doors off the living area, and is connected to the kitchen by a sliding window., French doors off the master bedroom and Bedroom two also connect to the deck. The laundry is tucked away in a cupboard in the back entrance with sliding doors The Master bedroom has a generous en-suite, and there is a separate bathroom for the children. The exterior cladding is Cemintel Fibre Cement Wood look Cladding and White stone, which is durable, and low maintenance. a Colour steel T Rib roof profile gives it a stylish finish. Overall this home is spectacular in its simplicity, and the amount of space is impressive. If you would like to learn more about how to design and build with us, please call 0800 238 746 or email info@fusionhomes.co.nz

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